sexual health

Sexual Health

Every human on the earth has the right to a healthy sexual life. Our sexual health is a reflection of our mental health and our physical health. Therefore, a healthy sexual life indicates a healthy psychological and physical condition, and the opposite is true.

Sexual health must be among the priorities that must be given its right as studies have found that whoever has a healthy sexual life a man or woman lives longer and lives healthy longer.

The sexual process begins with a (visual / auditory / sensory) stimuli that stimulates the center of the sex inside the brain, which leads to the release of neurotransmitters that travel through the nerves to the spine and then to the genitals in men and  woman by which the blood flows inside the penis in the man and the Erection occurs and  The blood flow  inside the woman’s vagina, and vaginal lubrication occurs to prepare the couple for penetration, ejaculation, orgasm, and for intercourse to be completed. This process regulated by the hormonal system.

Any defect in this process can lead to a disorder in the sexual process from a decrease in sexual desire in men and women, erectile dysfunction in men, disruption in the process of ejaculation, dryness in the vagina, pain in intercourse, and lack of orgasm.

Dr. Marwan Alsafadi, a family physician who holds a fellowship of the European Council for Sexual Medicine (FECSM), at the Sexual Health Clinic, relies on his treatment of sexual problems facing men, women, or both partners on a complete analysis of the causes of these sexual problems, whether they are organic, psychological or social reasons aiming to treat of these causes On a medical scientific basis.

Among the organic causes that have a direct relationship with sexual performance are chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Also among the organic reasons are hormonal disorders such as male sex hormone, thyroid hormone, milk hormone, and female hormone.

Seventy percent of the causes of sexual dysfunction in men and women are psychological or social .. Therefore this aspect is receiving great attention in the sexual health clinic .. Anxiety and tension especially anxiety from sexual performance .. depression .. relationship problems between the two partners are among the important reasons, that must be solved.

  • Male Sexual Disorder

    1- Low sexual desire (biopsychosocial)

    2- Erectile dysfunction (biopsychosocial).

    3- Ejaculatory disorders (premature ejaculation – delayed ejaculation – no ejaculation).

    4- Sexual rehabilitation.

  • Female Sexual Disorder

    Low sexual desire.
    orgasmic Problems.
    Painful intercourse (dyspareunia).
    Sexual health and middle age.
    Sexual health and contraceptives.
    Sexual health and tumors (breast – uterus – ovaries)

  • General Sexual Disorder

    Sexual health for people with special needs
    Sexual health in the elderly
    Sexual health and chronic diseases
    Sexual rehabilitation after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy Sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention.
    Vaccination against Human Papilloma virus (HPV).
    Sexual identity disorder.
    Paraphilia – Sexual addiction
    Unsafe sexual practices.