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Mental Health

Dr. Marwan Alsafadi, Family Doctor, talks about the mental health care and the problems associated with some mental disorder such as depression, anxiety and stress, and the ways to avoid and treat it.

There is a close relationship between the psychological state and physical health of a person that cannot be separated or ignored.

When any person, young or old, is exposed to psychological stress, he cannot overcome it,It causes him tension, anxiety or frustration and this has to do with mental health.

It affects the body’s systems, its immunity is weakened, and its effect appears in the form of a disease, perhaps on the digestive system.

Or on the heart and blood, on the respiratory system, on the muscles and joints, on the skin and ,.

In order to avoid these health problems, one must trained to overcoming psychological pressures.

To be able to deal with emergency stress with balance and rationality.

And in order to continue to take the right decision.

When he feels he needs help, it is okay for him to choose one of his loyal and experienced friends.

Or he goes to his family doctor to help him assess the condition he is going through, and whether he needs treatment or does some behavioral cognitive therapy.

  • Depression

    What is depression?

    It is a feeling of sadness with a state of frustration, exhaustion, and a loss of interest to do anything.

    This is accompanied by physical symptoms, such as headache, back pain, muscles pain, and a change in appetite that may increase , or lose appetite to food.

    It is accompanied by a change in weight, a change in sleep, problems with digestion, difficulty in focusing, forgetfulness, tension and crying,

    This condition may get worse until the patient feels that it is not important to life, and if it increases, he may think about suicide, or actually commit suicide.
    You should go to the doctor and tell him about the thoughts that the patient has., the patient will be  under supervision to protect him from committing suicide, at which point the patient needs medical treatment.

    the doctor may prescribe behavior therapy in addition to helping family and friends around him.

  • Anxiety and Stress

    Anxiety and stress

    Feeling of fear of something being achieved or not being achieved. If the cause is clear and without exaggeration, it is a healthy feeling that disappears with the disappearance of what it causes.
    But if it is an exaggerated feeling that extends for months and has no specific logical reason, such as anxiety about the future, then it is a medical condition that requires treatment.

    Especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms: headache, nervousness, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatism, high blood pressure, confusion in front of others.

    It may have some reason, such as trauma in childhood, it may be the factor of heredity, and it may be congenital characteristics that differ from one person to another in the ability to feel safe and endurance.

    Complications of stress and anxiety: depression, sleep disturbances, and more physical illnesses.

    At this point, the patient needs help from a family doctor to receive appropriate treatment, as well as behavioral therapy.