Online Consultations

Dr. Marwan Alsafadi
  • Dr. Marwan Alsafadi
    Welcome to the virtual clinic of Dr. Marwan Alsafadi SmartHeal BV.
    The virtual clinic is subject to the regulations and instructions of the Belgian Ministry of Health under the license to practice the profession (RIZIV 1-98491-68-04)
    The virtual clinic includes the specialty of family medicine and sexual health
    The specialty of infertility is not within the specialty of Dr. Marwan Alsafadi
    Please book an appointment and prepare five minutes before the appointment
    Video Consultation
    The duration of the consultation is 30 minust
    Consultation fees 100 EUR
    Payment method: Credit Card
    Consultation fees will be deducted at the beginning of the consultation
    An email and a text message will be received including a link to the consultation

    Regards, Dr. Marwan Safadi

    Dr. Marwan Alsafadi