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الدكتور مروان الصفدي

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  • Welcome to the virtual clinic of Dr. Marwan Alsafadi SmartHeal BV – Belgium.
  • The virtual clinic is subject to the regulations and instructions of the Belgian Ministry of Health under the license to practice the profession (RIZIV 1-98491-68-04)
  • The virtual clinic includes the specialty of family medicine and sexual health
  • The specialty of infertility is not within the specialty of Dr. Marwan Alsafadi
  • Please book an appointment and prepare yourself five minutes before the appointment
  • Type of Consultation: Video Consultation
  • The duration of the consultation: 30 mint
  • Consultation fees: 100 EUR
  • Payment method: Credit Card or Apple Pay
  • Consultation fees will be deducted before the consultation
  • An email and a text message will be received including a link to the consultation
  • Regards,

Dr. Marwan Alsafadi